The darkside        of money

                                             Somewhere under the rainbow



Welcome to the curious world of microscopic photos of the pitch black Federal Reserve symbol on U.S. Currency


Enter at your own risk

It's a Hell of a place!


Zooming in for a closer look

Using an Amscope 420 microscope that has been modified for this purpose. The photos are 4x  100x  200x

Because these photos are quite small, about a half a millimeter or less, Smaller than the head of a pin. They may display to large on your device.  On a cell phone try holding it out at arms length. On a pc monitor stand 5-10 feet away or reduce image to approx  and smaller on your monitor. Try squinting your eyes. It's an overload of hidden images. 


Penetrating the darkness

The center photo was taken March 31st 2018. The image on the left is the actual bill.  The image on the left show the location where the photo was captured.   Most of the photos on this page come from the Federal reserve system image.


Interesting creepy photo of Lincoln

Hidden in this photo is a fat pig laying on his back, looking right at you. It's in the More Lincoln head pics section. Hit the jump button below. 


magnification perspective

A sample of the 3 objectives used in the microscope
Most of the photos come from the Federal Reserve symbol. The first photo is 4x, the secone is 100x, the third is 200x


More Creepy photos

Look carefully, squint your eyes, smaller is better.
The following is just a small sample of photos.

A web of shifting shadows? A window into hell? Satan place? After all it is the root of all evil.


Top row adjusting the brightness and contrast
Bottom row  four 90 dergee turns


Some of the images might be hard to see  here is an example of what can be hidden in these photos . The image on the left is the original photo. The middle  pic is simply shadded with color to make it stand out. the far right pic, I thought it would be cool to add some eyes and a little more shadding


 100x photos Most are the complete photo. A few have been cropped. 

Photos above are untouched actual photos other than Brightness and contrasts adjustments.


low power photos


four creepy photos rotated 90 degrees.